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Products & Applications

The diversity of products include:


Hydrophilic Nonwoven Top Sheet (Cover Stock)


Hydrophilic Nonwoven are produced from Polypropylene Fiber and Bi-component fibers. It is mainly used for Top Sheet in baby diaper, adult diaper and sanitary napkins applications. The USC is specialized in producing high quality hygiene top sheet with good absorbency and strike through as it touches the sensitive areas of the body. The top sheet portfolio include normal hydrophilic, durable hydrophilic and durable olive hydrophilic.  


  1. Thermal bond Hydrophilic Nonwoven Top sheet

  2. Thermal bond Durable Hydrophilic Nonwoven Top sheet

  3. Thermal bond Durable Olive Hydrophilic Nonwoven Top sheet

  4. Air through Hydrophilic Nonwoven Top sheet

  5. Air through Durable Hydrophilic Nonwoven Top sheet


Grammage Range: 15 – 25 Gsm

Color: White

Applications -> Baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, under pad and some other medical uses.



Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL – Middle Layer)


The Acquisition Distribution Layers (ADL), also known as Transfer Layers are sub-layers designed to improve fluid-management in hygiene products and can accelerate the absorption and distribution of fluid on baby and adult diapers, under pads and sanitary napkins. ADL nonwovens are produced in White, Blue and Green colors.


  1. Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL)


Grammage Range: 20 – 50 Gsm

Color: White, Blue, Green

Applications -> bay diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, under pad


Poly Viscose and Poly Cotton Nonwovens


Poly Viscose and Poly Cotton Nonwovens are produced from Viscose and Cotton blends with Polypropylene Fibers for the application of wet wipes, impregnated wipes, dry wipes and floor cleaning wipes.


  1. Polypropylene Nonwoven (100% Polypropylene)

  2. Poly Viscose Nonwoven (80% Polypropylene + 20% Viscose)

  3. Poly Cotton Nonwoven (80% Polypropylene + 20% Cotton)

  4. Poly Viscose Cotton Nonwoven (80% Polypropylene + 10% Viscose + 10% Cotton)


Grammage Range: 25 – 50 Gsm

Color: White

Applications -> wet wipes, dry wipes, impregnated wipes, dust cleaning cloth, floor cleaning cloth.

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